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Heather Chastain



They call me the Queen of Words because I’m obsessed with language! I love reading, writing, talking, and consuming content. I received the gift of gab at an early age, and writing came naturally right behind it.


A passionate storyteller, I’m an Emmy-award winning journalist, Oxford comma enthusiast, and social media extraordinaire. Telling stories online and reporting about what’s happening in the world around me is what I do best.


I host a podcast called My First Dollar. It's focused on entrepreneurs. Each week we talk about the obstacles, the wins and when they earned their first dollar. It's honest conversations with people who paved their own way and crafted the career of their dreams.


Oh, and I self-published a children’s book titled Caroline Girls. It features the tale of a kind, imaginative girl with a heart of gold. Caroline Girls earned an honorable mention in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.


Now let’s grab a glass of Pinot Grigio and get to know each other better!

Everyone likes their name in the press...

But, few people understand the media, their needs, and what truly is a great story. Anytime I think I have a story, I call Heather first. I can trust her to tell me the truth: "this isn't newsworthy," or oftentimes, "let's tell this angle instead of that." Heather is our go-to PR person and always will be.

— Nick, CEO

Professional and personable...

Heather's skills and knowledge in communications and social media are an asset to any company. Heather is passionate about her work. She brings new and fresh ideas to a project.

—Kim, Business Manager

Expertise and Skills...

that would be valuable additions to any company who is looking for a rock star employee to help take their marketing and communication efforts to the next level.

—Tangela, Director of PR

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