As a long time fan of Sarah Pekkanen, I knew when I read “The Wife Between Us,” I would fall in love. I was also enamoured with how she co-wrote the book with Greer Hendricks.

Immediately after I finish a book I love, I always check to see if the author is going on tour. You have no idea how excited I was to see Sarah and Greer were coming to Indianapolis!!! None of my authors ever come to my city. Usually, they go to Naperville, and I have traveled to see Emily Giffin before (I’ll have to write about that someday!), but this time they were coming to a book and author event in Indy, I was prepared to cancel any and all plans to attend.

book and author event

I have been stalking this event since I read the book in January, eager for the Christamore House Guild to announce more details so I could attend this prestigious book and author event. Finally, I secured my ticket in late February and I’ve been giddy as a school girl waiting to attend.

Six authors were featured. My friend Joy is a member of the guild and we sat together. When the first author stepped up to the podium, she whispered to me, “I was able to meet him last night at the private author event with the guild. You’re going to love him.” A.J. Finn wrote “The Woman in the Window.” His speech was funny and poignant. He spoke about being diagnosed with depression and how he eventually was diagnosed with bipolar II. I leaned over to Joy and whispered,” “Oh my gosh, I want to be his best friend!” (This is a phrase I frequently use to speak about people I’ve decided are amazing.)

book and author event

My friend Joy and me.

book and author event

Wine and authors – my two favorite things!

Meeting the Authors of the Book and Author Event

The other authors (especially Sarah and Greer) were wonderful speakers and immediately made me want to read their books as well! I should also mention, I am Facebook friends with Sarah and Greer and we are following each other on Instagram. I have spoken with Sarah several times over the years via social media, but Greer is a new friend whom I hadn’t reached out to because I’m trying to play it cool with my new celeb friend. 🙂

After the book and author event commenced, you could meet the authors and have your books signed. I ran to Sarah and Greer’s table. I told them how much I loved their book and how excited I was to have them in Indy. Then I introduced myself. Sarah’s face lit up, she stood up and said, “HEATHER CHASTAIN! It’s so wonderful to finally meet you in person!” (OMG SHE KNOWS ME!!!!) We chatted excitedly and recounted a time several years ago she sent me and another woman the wrong bookplates. We had a good laugh.

Then Greer said, “Oh! Heather Chastain! Yes, you wrote a children’s book, didn’t you?” (OMG SHE KNOWS ME TOO!!!) We chatted for a few moments before their throngs of adoring fans created a long line behind them. I was on cloud nine! Truly, I felt like I was floating on air!

book and author event

Sarah Pekkanen (l); the happiest girl at the event – a.k.a. me (m); Greer Hendricks (r)

So I moved over to my new best friend’s line. 🙂 I told him how I liked his speech and was eager to read the book and how I was moved when he spoke about his struggles with depression. I shared I had also struggled, especially recently, and it’s always nice to hear you’re not alone. He said in earnest while looking me straight in the eye, “Thank you so much for saying that.” I smiled and said, “You’re welcome,” and then in my head “new best friend.” 🙂 He said I was adorable -YAY! Amazing book and author event complete!

book and author event

A.J. Finn and me.

If you ever have a chance to attend this event to support the Chrstamore House, I highly recommend it! I met some wonderful people at my table for the event started, in addition to meeting and learning about these authors.