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My Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered Month!

YOU GUYS! The new book Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered has established a cult following though I think it already had a cult following because it’s based on the popular podcast My Favorite Murder. I’m just now listening to the podcast so I can call myself a Murderino. (We on the inside know what…

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Podcasts I Love

podcasts i love

About six months ago I decided to join the bandwagon (it seemed everyone was always talking about the podcasts they were listening and I had nothing to add to the conversation) and begin listening to podcasts. I asked around, did some research and have become a faithful follower of these 5. The Five Podcasts I…

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Hanging Out on the SpinWeb Podcast

spinweb podcast

A few weeks ago I reached out to the president of digital marketing agency SpinWeb because I had begun listening to their podcast. Michael, the president, also happens to be the co-host. I wanted to learn all about how they structure it, the software and their recording studio. Michael and I had a great conversation…

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My First Dollar Podcast

my first dollar

I’ve been hemming and hawing around for months now trying to decide if I should do a podcast. My initial mention of the idea to friends wasn’t overly well received. Of course, my idea wasn’t developed yet either. I was going to base it on this blog, but after more discussion with other creative friends,…

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Podcasting and Ellen’s Views on Success

ellen podcast success

Recently I began listening to podcasts because I thought maybe I wanted to do a podcast. I had never listened to one before, so I figured I should check them out. During one episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (a show I watch on the daily), she had Dax Shepard on giving relationship advice and at the…

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