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Are You One Of Those Mean People?

“I hope she’s not one of those mean people…” Those were the words a barista wondered about me in the drive-thru today after she made a minor mistake on the order in front of me. She accidentally gave the customer in the car ahead of me my beverage instead of his. He began to drive…

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Misuse of Me, My and I

This is a difficult one for me because I want to start heaving with the misuse of me, my and I. Mostly because … ohhh, give me a minute now … okay I think I’ve composed myself … whoops, nope not quite … okay. It’s because of this verbal hate crime: people who say or write…

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Stop using the word “literally”

I’m not sure why people are obsessed with using the word literally. Maybe it’s because we’ve become a society of dramatics like me, so they feel the need to make sure people they the are being serious. This word is grossly overused and it needs to stop. Now. The correct definition of “literally” is to…

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When to Use “Over”

A word I frequently see misused is the word “over.” You may be reading this and thinking “this chick has flipped out.” I hope once you see the video you feel like you learned something even if it is just how nutso I am about word usage. 🙂   [embedyt][/embedyt]

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Irregardless Is NOT A Word!

Let’s start my word witch hunt with the misuse of the word irregardless. This may be the most irksome of the misused words because it’s not a word! Largely because it’s a double negative. However, the most bothersome piece of information resides with its mainstream usage which has landed the word “irregardless” in the dictionary.…

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