I’m part of a really amazing book club. I mean, really amazing. We meet every two months and I always come home buzzing from the fun. This isn’t the first book club I’ve been apart, some have fallen apart because people didn’t quite understand the expectations or something, but this has truly been a strong group and we’ve been meeting for more than a year now!

We stay connected between meetings through our private Facebook group and just began a Goodreads group to keep track of all the books we’ve discussed wanting to read in the future.

book club

If you like to read and you’re not part of a book club, you’re really missing out.

Five Reasons You Should Join A Book Club

You Get To Talk About Books!
Okay, yes, that might be obvious but have you ever finished a really great book and been dying to talk about it, but no one you know has read it!? So frustrating, right?!

You Get To Read Different Types of Books!
Our club makes it a habit to read books beyond our typical comfort zone. It’s awesome! I would have never read Dreamland by Sam Quinones – and I obsessively loved it and it really challenged and changed what I know about the opioid crisis – had it not been for this club! It’s great to get out of your favorite genre from time to time!

You Get to Enjoy Wine. And Books.
I mean, if there’s a better reason than this, I don’t know one. We also have snacks. #winning #thetrifecta


You’ll Make New Book Lover Friends
You can never have too many literary-minded friends. I love all my friends, but my book club friends have a special place in my heart because we can talk about books and writing, plot points and our society. I’ve had some of the most insightful conversations with my book club friends!

It’s So Much Fun
Reading is fun. Talking about reading is fun. Talking about reading while drinking and eating is fun. All of the side conversations emerging through different topics is fun. Plus, it’s a good excuse to schedule some self-care time for reading and meeting up with friends!

I’m so excited because one of my book club friends is going with me to the Indianapolis Book and Author Event this year. I went last year alone and had a blast!! I’m sure it will be so much more fun with a friend!