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I (Almost!) Got A Vitamin Infusion

To say I’ve been tired is an understatement. I’ve been dragging ass tired. I really thought it was May Madness coupled with participating in Orange Theory’s May Mayhem (omg I went 4 days in a row to workouts MUCH harder than normal – and I normally only go 2 days in a row max – and threw up after the third workout), but I’ve been trying to rest and relax and I’m still not doing any better!

Last week, I canceled a girls night outing because I was so tired and we’re gearing up for a family vacation next week. So basically it’s a trip designed to be fun for them, work for me. We’re planning to go to LEGOLAND and the San Diego Zoo as well as play at the beach and pool. I do not want to go into this feeling anything less than 100%.

I had been joking the last couple of weeks of May saying I needed a B12 shot or a vitamin drip when it finally hit me it may not be a joke anymore!

The Vitamin Infusion Appointment

There is a place here locally offering vitamin infusions. It seemed super legit and clean, so I went ahead and made an appointment. Then I started reading the reviews on their Facebook page. They were all glowing except for one. One person wrote they wished people would do more research because this service is totally unnecessary. Another person replied to this comment and said they are a physician and agreed wholeheartedly.

So I began doing more research and I was stunned. Damn you celebrities for making things seem super important! Several articles, including this Harvard blog post, state these so-called therapies are a waste of time and money. (Admittedly, it was pricey – $110 for the therapy I was considering and that was one of the inexpensive ones! Plus it would take 45 minutes to administer.)

The research shows you aren’t actually getting more vitamins despite what these studios try to tell you because we absorb vitamins through our guts. That’s why health professionals encourage eating a varied diet full of vitamins because that’s where you’ll absorb them. Apparently, people who say they received a burst of energy or immediately felt better are simply experiencing the placebo effect.

So I think it’s safe to say I escaped from this particular scam. I told the hubs to pick me up some B12 on the way home from the store because I need a boost of something!

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