Too many small business owners aren’t spending the time or money where they should when it comes to marketing. How many entrepreneurs have you heard had $0 for a marketing budget? Major mistake.

However, you don’t need to spend through your next six months operating expenses to be successful in your marketing. I had the pleasure of showing my marketing skills with a small budget recently and it reinvigorated my desire to help small business.

The other motivation is because I’m so tired of seeing small business do it badly.

How are they doing it badly? Either they hired a person who is not equipped to handle online marketing or they have outsourced it to a company who doesn’t really care about their brand. They just care about their money.

Both reasons make me ill. So let me help you out.

small business

Marketing Small Business Successfully

  1. Know Your Customer. Cost = $0. A little research goes a long way! The more time you spend identifying your ideal customer and their characteristics and target markets, the better you can attract and engage.
  2. Email Marketing. Cost = $0-$60 using MailChimp or Constant Contact up to 5,000 contacts. Email marketing has the highest return on marketing dollars invested.
  3. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly. Cost =$5-$9/month from bmobilized. Online research has sped up the entire buying cycle. People are researching online and normally on a mobile device. Make sure you are converting those audience members into sales.
  4. Be Strategically Social. Cost = Remainder of Budget. Be selective. Only choose the medium (or mediums depending on the size of your company and the time you’re willing to invest to do it well) your target market is using extensively. Even a small investment in social media can produce web traffic, brand awareness and, profits!

Don’t overlook these easy and inexpensive marketing techniques for your small business!