When I first started marketing Caroline Girls two years ago, I thought about starting a Little Free Library. I loved the idea and thought it would be a great addition to our neighborhood. But I was swamped trying to promote my self-published book by an unknown author (your esteemed blogger girl 🙂 ), so it just wasn’t possible.

About a month ago, my 7-year-old girl asked me if we could start a Little Free Library. She loved them and wanted to be part of creating one. We talked about what it would mean to start one, the up-keep and what would be expected. She nodded eagerly, excited to do this together. So I reached out to our homeowner’s management company with trepidation. To my surprise, they were thrilled and backed us up 100%!

We began collecting books and she would bounce around the house like a kid hopped up on sugar with each donation. Our neighborhood has already really come together to help get this started. We are so happy with the response it’s received!

Today was our first event. It was SUPER hot outside, but, fortunately, I brought popsicles! We sang, danced and read books. It was fantastic! I’m so excited to have a project to do with my daughter and, let’s face it, the whole family. (The hubs painted our LFL and installed it as well as passed out the popsicles today. He’s pretty amazing!)

little free library

little free library little free library little free library

After the event, Caroline and I spoke about how it went. She thought it went well and was so happy I let everyone have two popsicles. LOL Ahh the little things in life.

I can’t wait to see how this Little Free Library adventure continues to grow! I definitely think our neighborhood could stand to have two libraries because it’s a larger community, but let’s just see how this one does first! 🙂 If you want to attend our next Little Free Library event, make sure to check out Facebook! I’ll be posting events there as well as putting the sign out in our neighborhood.