If you’ve visited my social media profiles (and you should cuz obvi – IG, FB, and the occasional tweet) you know I stand behind three main pillars: Naps, Nordstrom and Necessary Pampering. Why? Because I firmly believe the three are necessary for self-care.

Let’s talk naps because, in my experience, they’re controversial. Somewhere along the way, we Americans got the idea napping is for the lazy. I disagree! I believe you need to recharge throughout the day! One of my doctors even has a recliner in his office and typically grabs a 30-minute nap during his daily lunch hour. Sometimes it’s not even because my body is tired, but my mind is tired. As an anxiety sufferer, it’s a perfect way to quiet and clear my mind.

If only I looked this cute when I napped!! I’m fairly confident my mouth is wide open and I’m drooling and snoring, but whatever! It feels SOOO good! 🙂

If you call me in the middle of the afternoon and I don’t answer, it’s likely because I’m napping. My mom enjoys teasing me about it. She’s jealous she didn’t nap while she had kids at home. You snooze you WIN, mom. LOL

As I shared in this previous post, Nordstrom is one of my absolute favorite retailers. A vast variety of products with a wide range of price points, their customer service is incomparable! They have FREE stylists (both in store and online) who can help direct you to styles to best suit you and, let’s face it when you look good, you feel good! I’m kind of a dude when I shop. I go in to get what I want and I don’t like to mess around. Nordstrom is a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency!

I call it Necessary Pampering because what some believe is self-indulgent, I believe is absolute necessity! I like pedicures, manicures, massages, getting my hair done, girl’s nights, and so on. Anything that brings me peace and makes me feel like a million bucks is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Doesn’t this look like a little slice of heaven!?

We work hard. We take care of our families. Our friends. We need to take care of ourselves!

If the above isn’t your thing because of cost, time or the because you don’t like being touched by a stranger, here are a list of highly covetable items you should purchase for immediate self-care:

  • Good shoes, purses, and jeans. You don’t have to spend a ton on jeans – like $80-90 to give you quality and comfort. My fave brand is Kut from the Kloth. Any shirt will do ;), but good jeans are imperative! I’ve gotten some fabulous Kate Spade bags from TJ Maxx and it’s pretty easy to find a good deal on good shoes on Zappos or Amazon
  • A properly fit, well-made bra. Victoria’s Secret is great for sexy time and nothing else. Do not wear on the regular. Your back and boobs will thank you. Sincerely, your size E friend. 👀I wear Chantelle or Soma bras.
  • Therapy. It’s amazing when you find the right person. I talk more about how to do that here. 
  • An amazing hair stylist. They say all you need is good shoes and great hair and you can get away with anything else.
  • Makeup that makes you feel good. Visit Sephora or Ulta. STAT. You can usually get in on a free makeover too!
  • A signature scent. I’m obsessed with Ambre Oil brown. I’ve been wearing for about a decade and it’s amazing. Locally made here in Indy and sustainably packaged. Plus it works with your natural body chemistry so it smells a little different on everyone. I’ve gone nose blind to it, but I’m constantly being stopped and asked what I’m wearing. It makes me happy.
  • Quality skincare.

How do you spoil yourself!? I finally figured out how to turn on the comments so you can comment below! 👏👏👏

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