Okay, guys, so I’ve been reading like it’s my JOB during this treacherous heat and I have to share my summer reading list with you! They were all so good!!! I can’t decide what I liked best, so here they are, in the order I read them:


Summer Reading: Book 1

Real Life Dinners by Rachel Hollis is a cookbook of sorts. Yes, there are tons of recipes, but the beginning has truly beautiful insights into family, food, and gathering around the table. The recipes are wonderful! Often just a few ingredients, most you have at home, and really delicious dinners are created! It’s perfect for the busy momma we ALL are to prepare good, homecooked food for our families without killing ourselves to look perfect while doing it. (I’m looking at you Gwenyth Paltrow and your B.S. cookbook!)

I discovered Rachel Hollis earlier this year and read her book “Girl, Wash Your Face.” It’s kind of a misnomer title since, when I first heard about it, I thought it was about skincare. (It’s not.) It’s about how to stop listening to the lies you tell yourself – the ones holding you back – from who you were truly meant to be. I’ve become a junkie and subscribe to her podcast and am planning to see her movie on August 2.

Summer Reading: Book 2

All We Ever Wanted by my absolute FAVORITE author Emily Giffin truly left me reeling for two days. I didn’t want to read anything else. I just wanted to sit and savor the amazing story she just unfolded in front of me. I read this book in 24 hours. I. Just. Couldn’t. Put. It. Down. It’s so timely and poignant. And the way Ms. Giffin tells a story is truly poetic. It concerns the wealthy Brownings and the scandal that ensues when their Princeton-bound son Finch appears to have taken a racy photo of Lyla Volpe, a high school sophomore on scholarship at the prestigious Windsor Academy. Now is future is in jeopardy. It very much takes on a #MeToo storyline as well.

I cried several times during the book, as evidenced by the lipstick smear I left on this page.

summer reading

Truly, this is her best work yet. An author one may have previously described as only writing chick-lit has given any cynic of her prose a truly enlightened novel.

Summer Reading: Book 3

Once I stopped reeling, I immediately picked up The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn I have been wanting to read this since I met him in April at an author event, but I had a list of books I was also eager to read, some for book club, so I had to stay on schedule. This is Mr. Finn’s first book and he totally knocked it out of the park. If Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) and Stephen King (horror master) are raving about this book, I had to read it too! Plus, it’s already being turned into a movie! I can’t wait for it to come out.

summer reading

Admittedly, the first few chapters were a bit slow for me, but once it got going … oh man, it got good!!!! I kept having to stand up because I was every twist had me riveted on the edge of my seat! I’m dying to see who they cast and how they retell this story!

Sorry friends, I will not loan out my copy because it’s signed. (And he put a stamp on it!)

summer reading

This book also opened up my eyes to film noir and I have written down the films mentioned throughout the novel to watch them.

Okay, and here’s the part where I’m a real nerd, but I adored the way he did his acknowledgments. Most authors go on and on. He got right to the point. I. Love. That.

summer reading


We’re leaving for vacation tomorrow and will read “The Ever After” by another favorite author Sarah Pekkanen. I was going to wait to write this summer reading list until after I read it, but I figured three books was enough to get you all started. 🙂 Enjoy!