About six months ago I decided to join the bandwagon (it seemed everyone was always talking about the podcasts they were listening and I had nothing to add to the conversation) and begin listening to podcasts. I asked around, did some research and have become a faithful follower of these 5.

The Five Podcasts I Love

podcasts i love

  1. The Quote of the Day Show Hosted by Sean Croxton, it’s always uplifting, motivational and I always finish a podcast feeling inspired. Sean shares a quote of the day and a clip of a motivational speaker. After it’s over, I always want to go and do something to better myself or the world. The show is pretty concise. Usually less than 10 minutes. A definite bonus!! Love short and sweet.podcasts i love
  2. The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe Well, the first obvious perk of this podcast is listening to Mike Rowe’s melodious voice. 🙂 But he also tells interesting stories. I’m a big fan of a great story, so it’s kind of a perfect match. I’ve even gotten my dad and my husband listening to the podcast (and neither of them typically to podcasts) because it’s so interesting. He backs into the story so you don’t know who or what he’s talking about until the end. It’s got a Paul Harvey style. Very cool. His tagline is “the only podcast for the curious mind with the short attention span.” That’s me!podcasts i love
  3. The Goal Digger Podcast Jenna Kutcher is amazing. I’m so inspired by the incredible woman she is. I’ve shared my Jenna Kutcher love before, but for those who don’t remember: she took on body shamers like a FREAKING BOSS and is an incredibly talented marketing gal with a super informative podcast. She has awesome guests and I always learn something new. It’s a bit of a longer podcast, so it’s often a bit harder for me to get them in weekly. I often have to binge listen when I have time on the weekend, but it’s so worth it. I’m actually trying to model my own entrepreneurial endeavors to be like her!podcasts i love
  4. Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael I’m always spouting my Alli Webb love like an unstoppable force. I was just in the drybar in Indianapolis last week and was telling the stylist all about how I love her and believe if we could meet organically, we would absolutely be best friends. I feel it in my bones. Why do I insist on telling everyone this information? I sound like a complete stalker!! Eh, maybe I am. LOL ANYWAY, she and her brother have a new podcast on the Wondery network.The podcasts always highlight entrepreneurs and actually feels similar to MY podcast – My First Dollar. She and her brother even interviewed their dad. Helloo??? Sound familiar!? <3 <3  I’m teasing. The thing is, Alli is notable, a game changer and my future best friend so how could I not have anything but love for this woman!?She also calls her brother Sparky throughout the podcast and it makes me giggle. It’s a great listen and I highly recommend it.

    podcasts i love

  5. RISE Podcast  I first learned about Rachel Hollis when I read her book “Girl Wash Your Face.” The title doesn’t really tell you what the book is about because when I first saw people were reading it, I thought it was about skincare. The book is highly inspirational and walks through all the lies we tell ourselves and how they are holding us back. It’s a great read. So I instantly jumped on the Rachel Hollis fan club and have been listening to her podcast. It was called Dais, but she rebranded it a few months ago to match her overall marketing.She shares bold conversations that provide the listener with real-life tangible takeaways. It’s the perfect balance of loving encouragement and straight-up kicking your butt! I really want to go to one of her conferences in the spring and see her in person! She’s incredible!!!
    podcasts i love
  6. BONUS: I love listening to the SpinRadio Podcast. SpinWeb is a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis. Their podcast SpinRadio is awesome because I enjoy listening to Allison go on her soap boxes about all things marketing. It makes my heart sing. I even reached out to the CEO and they invited me to be ON THE PODCAST! It was a great time!!

Other podcasts I listen to, but not as frequently, GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso (there was a Netflix show about her and her brand Nasty Gal), Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard (honestly, his show is super entertaining but it’s LONG. Most episodes are at least an hour. I don’t have that kind of time to commit) and the Marie Forleo Podcast.

I want to start listening to Oprah’s Masterclass! I just haven’t committed. AGH! There are so many things I’m interested and so little time to do them all!

What podcasts do you love? I’d love to hear about them and try to add them to my list!