Iris Apfel danced into our lives like the breath of fresh air we never knew we needed in 2014. The documentary* followed this woman who, at that time, wasn’t a household name. But she was iconic enough in her own rite to warrant a film crew to follow her. Since then, her name has exploded.

Brands are eager to collaborate with her, The Met dedicated an exhibit to her and we mere mortals are simply trying to find the little bit of Iris in our own lives.iris apfel

Her newest book “Iris Apfel Accidental Icon” is everything I hoped it would be and more! It’s a quick, easy read. It’s heavy on imagery. Which is fantastic because the images are FANTASTIC!! My husband even joked when I saw me reading it, “Oh, a book I might actually read because it’s a picture book.” (Silly boy!)

She shares more insights about her life, her philosophy on style and living your best life and is always 100% unapologetically herself. It’s so inspiring to see someone being who they are and not giving a crap what anyone thinks about it. I admire her and hope to be more like her!iris apfel

Iris Apfel’s views on aging (she’s currently in her mid-90s) are awe-inspiring to a person who is decidedly not enjoying the aging process, I love how she breathes in young air, thinks young thoughts and never gathers dust! One chapter in this book explains why there is nothing wrong with wrinkles. She said we shouldn’t waste our time injecting and lifting ourselves to look an age we are not. It was definitely a unique outlook – one certainly not shared among most images in the media.

Do yourself a favor and run out to get this book!

*If you haven’t seen the documentary, read this and watch the trailer.