About a month ago, it seemed every author I follow on Instagram was reading “She Regrets Nothing” by Andrea Dunlop. She was a new author to me, but since it seemed everyone was loving it, I was eager to jump on the bandwagon and love it too.

she regrets nothing

The book is about “the forgotten granddaughter of one of New York’s wealthiest men is reunited with her family just as she comes of age—and once she’s had a glimpse of their glittering world, she refuses to let it go without a fight,” – Goodreads.

So, in true Queen of Words form, I have to immediately pick out what bothered me with the story. The main character is described as a 23-year-old orphan. An orphan is a child whose parents die. This is an adult woman. Not a child. Not even close. Perhaps she acted with infantile at times, she was definitely cunning and legally not a child.

She Regrets Nothing Intricacies

It felt the story had a hard time getting off its feet. I started to wonder if we would ever find the climax of the story. Once it was established, everything wrapped up pretty quickly. Because I feel obligated to say something positive: I really liked the characters Liberty and Reece.

In the end, I always read the author’s comments and book club questions (if available). The author invited you to read a New York Times op-ed piece titled “What The Rich Won’t Tell You.” Given the dark side of wealth displayed in the book, I expected to learn more dark secrets. It simply explained many of the 1% don’t feel they are out of touch nor do they feel their lives are any different from the rest despite most trying to hide price tags from people who work from them because they are embarrassed about the pay disparity.

If you’re looking for a sly, sexy (at times) read She Regrets Nothing will work out well for you.