Well, we’ve made it through dreadful May and we’re ready to start our summer! I can’t believe I’m writing about the summer reading for 2019, it seems just a minute ago I wrote the summer reading list for 2018.

We’ll be jetting off to Southern California soon, so I know I’ve got to get my books ready to go! Hopefully, you’ll set aside time this summer to indulge in a good book or simply take some time for yourself!

Summer Reading

  1. Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered. The title ALONE should make you click the link immediately and purchase! I first heard about this title in February and have been waiting in angst ever since! The authors, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, are the voices behind the My Favorite Murder podcast. Admittedly, I’ve been a bad podcast listener of late, but I know this will be an awesome good time! It just debuted May 28!

2. Challenge Accepted!: 253 Steps To Becoming The Anti-It Girl. I was just introduced to Celeste Barber recently and she’s hilarious! She doesn’t take herself seriously at all and explains why being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly. CRACK.ME.UP! Plus she has a chapter in her book titled “The One Where I Explain I Don’t Hate Hot People.” And she has a British accent, so that’s fun too!

3. Maybe You Should Talk To Someone. This book sounds SOO great! Lori Gottlieb is the Atlantic’s Dear Therapist columnist. She intersperses reflections from her sessions helping a self-absorbed Hollywood producer, among others, with anecdotes of her own quest to work through a messy breakup. Haven’t you always wanted to hear what a therapist really thinks PLUS have the tables turned on a therapist!? DRAMA!!

6. Beautiful Bad. A twisted novel about a devoted wife, a loving husband, and a chilling crime that will stun even the cleverest readers. I first learned about Annie Ward at an author event I went to this spring. I got to meet her (she’s a DOLL! I totally want to be her best friend.) and she signed my copy of the book!

5. Daisy Jones and the Six. If you haven’t read this yet, you must! It was like reading an episode of VH1 Behind The Music about this fictitious band. I’ve loved Taylor Jenkins Reid since her book “Forever, Interrupted” and had the chance to meet her this spring at an author event and she signed my copy! YAY!!!

I have so many more books on my ever-growing list of want-to-read books! Follow me on Goodreads if you like some of my picks!