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Don the Car Executive

car executive

This episode features the first important man in my life – my father, Don Frick. Don is a car executive, but he didn’t start in management. He began his career as a mechanic. His story shows how hard work, persistence, loyalty, and determination can move you to a career you love. I know I’m pretty…

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Jim the Veterinarian


This week’s podcast features a man I’ve come to love because he’s my father-in-law! Jim is a well-known veterinarian on the west side of Indianapolis. He retired after running two practices for nearly 40 years. He shares the organization he credits for helping set the foundation for his profitable career and subsequent retirement. Hosted by…

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Jessica with ExactHire


This week’s episode features Jessica Stephenson with ExactHire. ExactHire is a cloud-based HR software company or SAS (software as service). Jessica has been wildly successful in her career, is crazy smart and is also my close friend. She also shares who she credits with helping manage her finances. Hosted by Heather Chastain – Queen of Words. Learn…

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Episode 1

my first dollar

What is My First Dollar all about? Here’s a tour of what you can expect on the podcast! So sit back, put on some red lipstick, and let’s get down to the business of dollar bills! Hosted by Heather Chastain – Queen of Words. Learn more about her at Follow her on Instagram and…

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