Now in my second year, I’m planning to be an annual member of the Christamore House Guild Indy Book and Author Event. This event is truly spectacular and for a great cause – scholarships and educational programming for the Christamore House, a multi-service community center serving the Haughville and near Westside neighborhoods of Indianapolis.

Last year, I RAVED about this event and had the chance to finally meet Sarah Pekkenan and Greer Hendricks. I also met the spectacular A.J. Finn.

This year, I was jonesing to meet Taylor Jenkins Reid on the heels of her latest book Daisy Jones and The Six (see what I did there?! 😉). A fan since her first book, “Forever, Interrupted,” in 2013, I couldn’t wait to meet this lady! I devoured this book! It felt like I was reading an episode of VH1 Behind the Music and was seriously upset this band didn’t exist in real life!

I had an opportunity to speak with her and tell her about my deep fandom. She looked in my eyes and genuinely said “thank you” for my loyalty and readership. It was wonderful!

With Taylor Jenkins Reid.
My signed copy! YAY!

One of my favorite parts about the luncheon, aside from learning about how the Guild has impacted these youths in our community and hearing from someone who has benefitted from their services, is hearing from the other authors.

It’s such a treat to learn more about these authors I haven’t heard of before and their books because I may not have picked them up otherwise. My book club has allowed me the chance to diversify my selection and I’m enjoying checking out other genres from time to time.

While on the way to the luncheon, I was telling my friend how I’m at yet another impasse on what I want to do and my career and where I want it to take me. We spoke about my blogging and my podcast and the books I’ve written. She said, “It kind of sounds like you still want to be an author.” I said, “yeah, maybe … but I’ve tried it twice (the first book I never actually ended up selling) and it hasn’t really worked out. Maybe this is the world’s way of telling me to move on!”

Then we heard from Annie Ward. A delightfully charming new(ish) author shared her struggle to write her latest book “Beautiful Bad.” She said it began as a memoir and then she shelved it for 5 years. She didn’t know what to do with it. She eventually turned it into this psychological thriller that’s being adapted into a movie!! When she spoke about what it took for her to overcome to get this book to where it is now, her words sang right to my heart.

The Very Best Part

When I met her after luncheon, I told her how she inspired me. How her words lifted something inside my soul and made me feel this too could be possible for me. She smiled wide and hugged me and told me to never give up!

With Annie Ward.
Her lovely words!

Another author, Martha Hall Kelly, also shared how her interest in a greenhouse in Connecticut paved the way for her two books (and third in progress!). She said she never planned to be an author or write a book. And even though her genre seems a little niche to me, it’s clear she has an audience and her books have been well received.

Tracey Garvis Graves told how she identified the story for “The Girl He Used To Know,” but then suffered the worst writer’s block of her career. An author 7 times over, she shelved her story and went on to write two other books before coming back and finishing this novel!

So maybe my book is still inside me. Maybe I just haven’t found the right angle yet. Or the right story. I really do believe when it’s your thing/your time, it all works out. Not to say you don’t have to work hard or seek out opportunities, but I’ve worked really, really hard and failed to gain notable attention (i.e. an agent or publisher). So my focus now is to keep writing and waiting for my book to reveal itself to me. The blogs have been flowing out of me lately, so maybe my book isn’t far behind!

Oh … and before I go … feast your eyes on this delightful lunch we had!! DELICIOUS!! A dignified lunch, wine and authors … what could be better!?

Absolutely divine!