Is it just me or has age, motherhood and too many life experiences to catalogue caused you to forget parts of yourself?

Kind of in the same way Rachel McAdams character, Allie, in the Notebook forgot she loved to paint, I forgot I was a good writer. Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve forgotten this piece of information. Right after I left the T.V. business, I quickly forgot. In fairness, when you’re surrounded by people who are all good writers, it’s easy to forget it’s not a universal skill.

Then I wrote my first book. It was hard and messy and made me doubt myself immensely. I ended up not moving toward publishing. Years later, my husband encouraged me to write a book again. Then I wrote Caroline Girls. I’m really proud of that book, but self-publishing and self-marketing made me doubt my writing abilities again. I wasn’t getting the traction I hoped.

Recently, the desire to write has overcome me. It feels like words are just bursting out of me. I’ve been blogging regularly again and I’m trying to harness what that means exactly. What is my goal with my writing and what I’m going to strive to do with it? I don’t have the answers, but I’m still writing and loving it. Then I received this message:

It means so much to know people enjoy what I’m writing and believe I’m good at it! I really am writing for me right now though I do hope one day I can inspire the masses, but this reminder came at just the right time. It reminded me once again that I’m a good writer. I love it and I hope I never forget again.